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Well, that's because he's a GAY (not that there's anything wrong with that) 38-year-old single male doctor... with "male dominance tendencies."


Cathy -- that was my original thought, too, but then it occurred to me that no gay male that I know of would be caught dead in that shirt. The shirt is really the wild card in this scenario.


Bob - You have a good point... although notice that the chosen fish has a pointed, conical (phallic-like) tip. It might be symbolic of a representation... :-)


There are so many things wrong with this -- the picture, not your site, Bob. Does this guy live at home with his mama still -- his blind mama? That might explain the girly flowers, mauve curtains(I'm impressed you know mauve, BTW), and his family vacation T-shirt. All in all, I'm single but I would scream if this man was calling me on the phone.


It means that he works it like a claw. Didn't Josh used to have a CafePress coffee cup with a marlin on it?


I'm so glad that you put this picture up! The t-shirt was the first thing that popped out at me. Vera, don't walk towards the light!

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